Friday, March 29, 2013

Amateur Photography

After I began blogging about my recipes I quickly realized, my photos suck. Using my iPhone for snap & go, instagram-edited pictures can only take me so far in the food blogging world. My next task was to attempt to take some professional-looking photos.  I took my first stab at it this past weekend with hopes to make you all not only fall in love with the recipes, but drool over the food.

My Photography Day:

-Secure a camera from my boyfriend’s sister Judy (A Canon DSLR)

-Cook the food, duh

-Decide how I want the backdrop and table setting to look (I just used my dining room set-up)

-Make sure I was in the perfect spot for some natural lighting (My deck at around 3pm)

-Set up the backdrop (my yard/deck), my table setting, and the delicious deviled eggs that I tried oh-so-hard not to eat

…and here is what came out of it





I thought it was successful for my first try! The tough part is that I mostly cook on week-nights so this cooking on a Sunday thing will be a hard feat for me  But well worth the effort.  Stay tuned for more amateur photography coming your way!

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