Saturday, July 22, 2017

Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Succeeding on Weight Watchers

Starting Weight Watchers and being successful at it are two different things. Its not enough to simply download the Weight Watchers App and cross your fingers. Get a game plan together that works for you and will ensure that you are in this thing for the long haul.

Here are the first 5 of my top 10 tips and tricks for shedding those pounds, when you are on Weight Watchers:

1) Weekly Points

First and foremost, use your weekly points! They are given to you for a reason. Secondly, be sure to save your weekly points for your weak times, whether it is weak times during the day (everyday) or weak times during a particular part of the week. For me, the weekends are my time to enjoy myself and weekly points make that possible!

2) The Scale

Make sure you have a scale at home. Before this program, I did not have a scale at home. I shouldn’t be too surprised by my weight gain if I wasn’t monitoring it! Get on the scale at least once a week and keep track of your progress in the Journey > Progress Chart section of the app. Ideally, you would plug in your weight on the same day each week and at the same time of day for consistency.

3) Reward Yourself Everyday

It’s important to keep yourself sane on the program and reward yourself at least once a day, but only once a day. If you cherish a glass of wine at the end of each day, place priority on that glass of wine and turn down the office doughnut snacks in the morning, for example.

4) Snacking

There will be weak points during the day that you may need a quick bite. The issue here is that if you aren’t prepared for it, you may run into a rut (point wise). An example of this is being at work and needing a snack between lunch and dinner. Many work offices only have chips, bars, crackers and pure play snack foods to choose from. Don’t blow your points on a snack, instead, be sure to always keep around a low point snack in your drawer, purse, car center console and more. Yes, I have saltines in the center console of my car – the food struggle is real!

5) Make Substitutions

If you are a big rice, potato or pasta lover - these may be items that you choose to substitute for replacements (sometimes just as delicious) for the sake of points. I love rice, but I now only reserve it for eating sushi. When we are making a stir fry at home, I now substitute rice for riced cauliflower. When we are in the mood for pasta, we now use zucchini noodles – they are a great substitute as they are relatively bland in taste and therefore take on the taste of whatever sauce you are using!

Stay tuned for the next 5 tips and tricks. Be sure to plug in everything today!

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