Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Why Weight Watchers Worked for Me (But More Importantly, Can Work For You Too!)

Year after year since graduating from college I told myself “I’m going to lose those 10 pounds this year”. The problem? I never did and found myself 30 pounds heavier after a couple of years of those empty promises to myself.

I went back and forth on the whole “gym thing”. Don’t get me wrong – I give some serious credit to those who have found their groove in running, weight lifting and circuit training. However, it just was not for me. After watching my (now) fiancé wake up day after day at 5 AM to head to the gym I found myself questioning why I couldn’t have the same dedication. Is something wrong with me?

NOPE. Nothing wrong. I had not yet found what “worked for me”. Enter stage left, Weight Watchers. While I had always been a HUGE foodie (hence the food blog, come on now) – I was starting to gain some really bad habits on the eating side of things. Items I considered “light” or “healthy” just… were not.

Left is November 2017, Right is October 2016

Weight Watchers allowed me the ability to not have to give any ONE thing up. As I sit here drinking my go-to bourbon on the rocks post a delicious Blue Apron meal of stir fry with fried egg – I find some serious (lifelong) comfort in being able to enjoy myself while also keeping my health in check.

Find what works for you! What can you (realistically) commit to? Go with that. Do not try to “fake it until you make it” when it comes to your health. Period.

Wonder what in the world I am talking about? Check out this post:

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