Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Case of the Mondays

For someone who absolutely loves cooking, even I get a “case of the mondays” sometimes when it comes to preparing meals in the kitchen. One of my favorite things about cooking is how much I enjoy it, so it is important to not force myself to do something when I am not in the mood.  Like any hobby, when it starts to become a forced priority, it is no longer considered a hobby.

For those of you out there who are the primary cook in the family, it is okay to order in a pizza, or pick up some subway once in a while. My point being to keep the idea of cooking a light, enjoyable hobby rather than a last resort. I had this epiphany yesterday when I was winding down for bedtime and still hadn’t made my “breakfast casserole” for the week.  I decided, when I don’t feel like cooking, I’m not going to do it.  So it was a Mcdonalds sausage burrito and iced coffee kind of morning for me.  Problem solved and a casserole that I can bake tonight!

Do you ever feel like you are forcing yourself to cook, do the dishes, or the laundry? Give yourself a day off here and there.  All these things can wait, I promise :)

case of mondays


  1. This made me feel so much better. You know it's a big deal for me to cook. :)

  2. Make breakfast for dinner! Easy and fun!