Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Mounted Faux Deer Head

Let’s take a departure from the kitchen for a moment. Yes, Mary did a bit of crafting in the living room last night to bring this beauty to life. Faux deer heads and antlers have been kicking home decor in high gear these days. Whether they fancy themselves above a mantelpiece or on a set of shelves, they certainly can bring a space to life.

I’m certainly not opposed to spending upwards of $75 dollars on a hot-to-trot resin deer head or heading out into a cold winter’s morning to hunt one down myself… but that isn’t necessarily my style either.

The possibilities are endless with this $13 papier mache deer head from Michaels. Whether you want it to match your current décor or give it some holiday flare… the choice is yours!

My thought was to marry a holiday theme with something that I could also keep around all year long if I decided to. Therefore, my first thought was to definitely incorporate golds and whites. Being that my home has a lot of drift wood décor pieces in it, mounting the head on a piece of wood made it the perfect fit! Michaels luckily had wooden mounting pieces for just $11.

This was just too easy…

-Paint head white and let dry.  I used a latex semi gloss that I had in my garage, but craft paint would work too.  The finish of the paint won't matter because you will then...

-Paint over the white paint with a pearl metallic paint. This gives it that glossy resin look.

-Finally, paint the antlers with gold paint.  I used a craft paint that I got at Michaels.

Isn't it fabulous? This execution worked really well in my space. I am sure there are a million in one more ways you all could come up with making this faux deer head come to life in yours!

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